About Me

I'm Omar. Software Engineer working at Freeletics. I'm from Madaba, Jordan. I like running & sports, photography, coffee.

More Coming Soon.

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1. Graph Redis

Adding Graphs to Redis, without using Redis Modules.

This project was worked on around 2014 for fun, in an attempt for me to learn Redis Internals, C Programming Language & to refresh my computer science knowledge.


2. ChessDuo

A Multiplayer Realtime Chess Website.

Implemented in Ruby on Rails / Node.JS / Socket.IO / Postgres / Redis.


3. Running Pace Calculator

A small fun website with Javascript to calculate your running pace & goal for some popular race distances.

Computer Science in my words
Sorting Algorithms
  • [Coming Soon] Bubble Sort
  • [Coming Soon] Heap Sort
  • [Coming Soon] Quick Sort